It is said that Polish is the world’s fourth most difficult language, although Poles might obstinately insist it’s most definitely in the first position. It is hard to determine whether that statement is true or not, however, it is fair to state that Polish is a tongue twisting, gut wrenching, jaw breaking exercise… And learning it sometimes feels like medieval-style torture.
If you’re considering tackling this language of madmen, look no further! At “Aslan”, we’re experienced in teaching that beautiful, yet challenging and often annoying language. In a relaxed atmosphere you’ll decide whether you want to approach it slowly, or if you want to kick it into gear and achieve your goals at a more breathtaking pace. (You’ll actually be catching your breath – these consonant-laden sylables don’t come easy!) 😉
The lessons are conducted in English though we try to use as much Polish as possible to make learning feel more natural and comfortable. There is also a possibility of learning Polish using other languages than English, though this is logistically more demanding and it would require more time for us to prepare.
Anyway, feel free to let us know if you’re interested in learning Polish.
If you really want to learn – you will, this we can guarantee!